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Direct Mail

Our expertise in this field definitely has innovative and informative systems which caters all your needs. Our system ensures time saving and money saving policies at both the ends, hence being middle man of you and the receipients, our approach will satisfy both.

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Based on our experience in this field we expertise ourselves to distribute in the shortest duration possible since we very well know we are not just delivering the goods but time sensitive academic updates and information media. Worlds leading publishers and Mailers experience it.

We provide solutions to customers on urgent projects taken on last minute.At TransMail we are just not working as a service provider but a solution provider which enhances the relationship between the customer and the receiver.

Direct Mailing

Direct Mailers are communications designed for the end users for about a product in B2B and B2C in the form of catalogues or brochures, or can be academic or information update about a particular concept in the form of magazines, journals and text books, cds, dvds etc for readers or subscribers.

The success rate depends on the reach, hence we are keen on our quality to reach your product to the receipient at our level best.

Hand Delivery

Some projects require hand delivery system to be followed. We offer pure Hand Delivery and combined Postal and Hand delivery Solutions to improve the success rate of mails based on the project requirements. Delivery reports provided to customers based on data provision.

Printing Solutions

India is the cheaper destination for printing Printed Matter. The quality of printing in India matches or surpasses the quality abroad. Leading publishers like Thomson Press, Macmillan chosen India for printing too. Matter printed in India hence avoid and saves the major project cost which is freight and time saving. We at TransMail support you in printing by giving choice in quality, cost and time.

Direct Injection

Mail or products originates in any country are transported to us and are distributed in Direct Injection Model through our Associated Leading Postal Partner to any country in Asia and across the Globe,Hence delivered in quick duration and pricing are cheaper and better.This model is acquired by most since remailing is stopped in some countries

ABB Remail

Mail originates in country A and is transported across the border outside of UPU channels and put into the mails of the PPO in country B for domestic delivery to addressees in country B. ABB remail is directly entered into the mails of the country where the addressee resides and is therefore also called direct entry mail.

We can handle everything needed to dispatch your freshly printed publications. You will also receive conprehensive advice on the best packaging and mailing methods to meet your needs.

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